People come for a balance when they want to accelerate their recuperation process, increase their energy levels, explore and maximise their potential or improve their personal or professional relationships.

At other times they are in distress, pain, feel run down or are not coping.

By balancing the underlying root causes, I stimulate the body’s self healing ability and encourage optimal and harmonious function of body, mind, emotion and spirit.


Below are some examples of focal points for a session

  • accelerate the recuperation ability after accidents and trauma
  • achieve goals
  • balance the endocrine system
  • be confident
  • boost your vitality
  • build resilience to autoimmune diseases
  • choose positive life strategies
  • create a new framework for a healthy body, mind and spirit
  • correct posture and conditions of scoliosis
  • decrease negative mindsets or habits
  • develop healthy relationships
  • dissolve long term stress and it's effect on the body
  • ease chronic pain
  • enhance compromised immune function
  • enjoy self reliance
  • explore your blind spots
  • face reality
  • find your centre
  • free yourself from anxiety, stress or depression
  • gain self esteem and confidence
  • improve chronic health conditions
  • increase general well-being and happiness
  • let go of fears, phobias or addictions
  • love who you are
  • maintain inner balance
  • minimize learning difficulties like dyslexia, ADD and ADHD
  • neutralize the impact of past abuse
  • release deeply embedded emotional patterns
  • resolve inner conflict
  • recuperate from cardiac and circulatory stress
  • settle digestive disorders
  • strengthen your ability to adapt
  • support yourself through life changes
  • transform your outlook on life