"Jutta is a remarkable Kinesiologist who has made a profound impact in my life. Her warmth, empathy and compassion makes her easy to open up to and it is just fascinating to watch her discover and heal emotional blockages that would otherwise have taken years of therapy to resolve. Jutta helped me with issues relating to unhealthy eating patterns, low self esteem, emotional pain from a past relationship, work related stress and back pain. I experienced a notable improvement in all of these areas after our sessions and I honestly cannot recommend her enough! "

 - Ali S.


"I have recieved KInesiologically guided sessions  from Jutta periodically over the past few years. Each session helps move me through seemingly stagnant issues resulting in a sense of grounding and release.  It as though the cogs are oiled and direction becomes clearer. 
Jutta's steady, non-judgemental and receptive presence seems to allow mystery and science to merge and create new avenues for healing. Thank you Jutta for making life easier!"

 - Kitya N


"Jutta's genuine and compassionate energy made me feel comfortable to open up for healing.

Her accuracy and skill was astounding and so helpful in my healing process, I am grateful."

 -  Megan M


"Jutta has great integrity as a practioner and a very compassionate heart."

 -  Catherine H.


I have been to going to Jutta for treatments for several years now. She is consistently present and compassionate,  thorough and kind and always brings relief to my discomfort as well as uncovering useful pointers towards my general development.

 -  Angela M