• I conduct myself and my work with integrity, care and professionalism
  • I honour the confidentiality of my clients
  • I respect the personal, social, cultural, political, religious and spiritual views of my clients
  • I shall not discriminate against a client based on race, age, sex, skin colour, ability or social standing
  • I respect other modalities of health and healing
  • I shall not engage in any conduct during sessions that may be construed as mentally, emotionally or physically inappropriate


  • I do not claim to heal. Only your body can do that. I work with the Energy Model instead of the Medical Model 
  • Only your body can do that. I work with the Energy Model instead of the Medical Model
  • I do not diagnose, prescribe medication or suggest that you go off any prescribed medication
  • I acknowledge your symptoms and work towards solutions
  • I do not interfere with your faith or religious beliefs. I am trained to work within the realm of your belief system to best assist you 
  • I do not keep people away from doctors, drugs or surgery
  • I acknowledge the responsibility to refer my clients to other health professionals when necessary
  • I do not predict the outcome of a session
  • I remain open to feedback from my clients


A Specialised Kinesiologist establishes criteria for remediation of imbalances in the energy systems of living beings, both people and animals. The practitioner uses the method of muscle reflex monitoring to challenge the client's energy system for acceptance or non-acceptance of the following:

  •  the willingness of the client to participate in the session
  • the establishment of a focal point
  • the intention to work gently and with priority only
  • the primary neurological circuits in relation to the focal point
  • the application of specialized Kinesiology procedures
  • the establishment of the client's recuperation ability
  • the application of post procedural checks to establish the client's willingness to accept changes
  • the engagement of the practitioner's entire natural health knowledge base for reference and remedial purposes